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That Basically Sum Up Your School Supplies Bundle Experience

August 5, 2017 • Ronald Hunt

Lifesaving Tips About School Supplies Bundle

Hey, everyone, it’s Jillian and in today’s video, I’m going to be showing you how you can make your very own YID emergency kit for school so an emergency kit is basically just school supplies bundle a little bag where toucan put all your supplies that you might need some point while you’re at school.

I’ll school supplies bundle to show you how you can make a really easy and no so a bag to hold your supplies because some things you just don’t want rolling around the bottom in the bag for everyone to see and then I’m going to be showing you some essentials that.

school supplies bundle


I think you school supplies bundle should have in your emergency kit now you spend a lot of time at school and during that time you’re probably going to find your self in a bit of a sticky situation at one point or another so then I told hammer there was no way that.

I would ever upset anything like that and he believes the pouch paper cut hi hi excuse me do you have a band-aid no I don’t carry bad days I have a band-aid help lucky I always carry band-aid in my emergency kit oh it’s dripping on the floor move I think we’re gonna need a bigger.

Mesmerizing Examples Of School Supplies Bundle

Band-aid she all right so then hopefully if you have this emergency kit you will find yourself getting out of that sticky situation a lot quicker now get into the fun part of the video and I’m going to show you how you can make a super cute super easy DIY emergency kit the first thing school supplies bundle.

you will need is some cute fabric and I went for polka dots than just cut out a rectangle then you need to fold in the two sides of the rectangle about one centimeter and iron these down then takes school supplies zipper and place it in the middle of the underside school supplies bundle.

The school supplies bundle fabric and then taking some fabric glue because I cannot-sew at all so fabric glue is my best friend apply a thin strip to each side of the zipper there to take.

The school supplies bundle sides of the fabric and fold them into the middle so that they meet the fabric glue the once this is dry flip the bag inside out and it’s time to stick the edges together so just apply a thin strip of the fabric glue between.