Rules Not To Follow About Volunteering In Thailand

Attacks controls this really nearly every night because again we woke up super early as activity how many I don’t know I we have to be up and ready to go to the mall and pier house by six-thirty you start work have you a lot of words I’m not getting a lot of blogs feminist and I can get some footage of the animals and the work we do and would offer you many more without the trip when I get back there with me it’sup to your questions, not the best and just enjoy this and get a new experience now this dog is cute her name is mama but he always in my name is Victoria because every kind of sat down her system.

She would always right volunteering in Thailand there and leaning up against me and sleeping also save an elephant right next to the dining area as well but you can and then it is done now throughout the day each all here for the two separate to work in affection of the wildlife for the elephant department while every hour we preferred am km there is always something to do but of course somewhere between to get your little breaks are guided with me something there is a lot of work to be done but you do getting aerobics so don’t worry a lot or you can do this[Music]duty usually works to slow the water can prepare and serve the food for the animal baskets and then clean the enclosures and other special projects that mean that the road is hiring for sometimes all these is a goal walking in with an outside in the Sun hydrogen hope your local time is a short nap and you have a schedule where against just chill this game is quick it is admittedly a bit again more water more feet out[Music][Music][Music]Oh[Music][Music]right here the area paint had smashed one of the scoopers so one of our volunteers try to trade them out for food to have him drop it and then more-elephant views.

Volunteers actually see you get a chance to assess the day off or we can also take a night out to go into town after pho base ship penis I would like to watch the view to see the bat cave and tell us and also we hit the night market for some delicious Thai street food there’s a great way to just kind of kick back and mingle again lets the other volunteers after the long shift now if you could see the squiggly lines yes those are bats coming out of the cave now at this night market the speed was cheap and it was good and then I just really fell in love you drinking coconut juice like everywhere fresh coconut juice as you can see me drinking here and probably drank like two more after that because it once every half and I can let me go and hear some baby I’m.