Fantastic Experience Of This Year’s Denver Skin Care

So after a patient has received dot laser treatment the skin is going Mohave some special needs it’s going to beery sensitive and so you can’t just grab any product that you may have unhand to you so we have assembled a kit that will take care of all of the needs that our patients have following the dot laser treatment and I’m going to go over these so the first product that you’re going to use is the sensitive skin cleanser even if you don’t normally have sensitive skin your skin will be sensitive.

After the dot procedure you’re going to use this to cleanse the skin and this is very important because you’re probably going to be cleansing more often than you normally would and the reason why is because the other part of your introductory care especially in the first hours is you’re going touche this ointment the the advanced healing ointment is a product that weave developed specifically.

For our dot patients Denver Skin Care and this ointment has a very heavy almost greasy like texture each time you reapply the ointment you will want to remove it with the sensitive skin cleanser and cool skin care denver water what this ointment does is it protects the skin asst really Eliza’s essentially that’s the process where it stacks up enough skin cells to protect itself but during that process it’s very vulnerable so it is very important that you stick to the products in this regimen now as the skin is ready to go out and face.

The world little bit more we have a couple of other products that we introduced into the mix we have the Sarah the Transcendence treatment cream which is product that you can buy normally and use it’s perfect for very very dry skin types you will segue from the ointment to the ceramic cream when you check in with us will tell you if you’re ready to make that switch we also have an SPF very.

very important when you’re protecting your variable normal skin against the Sun so if you’re out and about you absolutely must use sunscreen so this regimen although it’s rather simple is the perfect way to baby your skin after you’ve had a laser treatment and take care of it and rejuvenate it as it starts to heal and become.