Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Arts

Over face and Randy Orton in the first match of this tournament really okay I want you to know that it’s nothing personal it’s just business I’ve come to respect you and that’s why you’ve got you’re going to get nothing for the best from the legend killer Randy I’ve got to say I’d be disappointed if I got anything less than you my grudge against you disappeared the day evolution.

Broke up okay he’d nod no no it didn’t I’ve got some things I’m looking forward to outmatch tonight and may the best man wino did you hear the sound effect synthesizing hands sound effect so we’re facing Randy Orton in the first round of this tournament this man’s good I have a feeling he’s gonna try to stay take Stacy Perfectible y’all like this you know me and Stacey we’ve been through it all baby Romany good memories uh oh wait a minute that song though the following contest is scheduled.

For introducing first from st. Louis waiting in Hildebrand to take the song in real quick Always love hearing it my guy is cheating on Oscar ho this is a different unit we’re on a different earth right now this is James Falcon in a different Oriole the day of reckoning earth okay this is different I ain’t you know nobody I had taken that entrance because that was pretty clean now like.

I told you the sound try ain’t very good but they got the ATV they got the ATV look at this beast this thing is clean tooth’s whole quit look oh yeah look where we go we go back up the ramp we still got the Stratus on the on antithetic thing things to change but things.