Why Is Everyone Talking About Roofing Company?

To this video on how to start a roofing business well first of all I want to congratulate you because a roofing lincoln ne business is a great place to make money in the service industry and let’s facet America today is a service industry and you know there’s a lot of guys it’s kind of the UN– kept secret so let’s keep it a secret on guys roofing it’s hard work yes it is it does require a certain amount of knowledge and skill and of course being afraid of heights if you’re afraid of heights you don’t want to be doing.

Roofing now some of the key points and things you have to worry about when you get started as roofing contractor one of the biggest things is licensing you’re gonna have to find out what the state’s the state you live in you know what it requires as license you know some states don’t require a license Maine where I live it doesn’t require a license and a lot of other roofing company states don’t but most states haves requirement that requires either you pay an annual fee for a license pay every two years or you have to have certain.

Amount of experience and pay fee just like any type of licensing you know you’ve got to be backed up with insurance now the second piece of this is the insurance the first is the licensing and the second one is going Tobe insurance this will probably be one of your largest expenses you’re ever going to make other than a truck insurance I know workers comp and liability this cub is the homeowner it covers any liability that you create whether equipment in and off the job site and also the workers comp this covers.

The workers in case something goes wrong and you know roofing is one of the worst three jobs in sometimes second sometimes is third but you know when people fall off the roof it’s catastrophic and they’re going to get hurt so these two things are are going to be key to get started you know you’re going to have to call your state and find out what the requirement is I thin kit’s like six eighty percent you.