Three Art Secrets You Never Knew

I’m a contemporary artist and biochemist in my lab we integrate art and science and create various installations using natural and scientific phenomenon you might think art and science what do they have to do with each other but to me art and science are very similar in that they’ve both extremely creative fields that explore new ideas and break boundaries in.


My university lab I studied biology and chemistry and I was fascinated by all the scientific principle and the beautiful forms and shapes of nature and thought wow how cool would it be to use all of this to create art the timeless laws of nature-that existed and that will continue to exist before and after our time but many of these scientific principles and natural phenomenon cannot be seen so the key is to visualize the invisible visualization we can experience all these beautiful things as art so today I bought a couple of parts that.

I use for installations they’re produced in large volumes to create large-scale installations depending on the size of the exhibition hall so let’s take a look at this one this one is called defying gravity this is a chandelier of test tubes hanging upside down with water inside without a lid the water stays in place without pouring with the help of surface tension and atmospheric pressure of the air so let’s try with this test-tube you first put water inside so today I put a little bit of ink in.

Beware The Senior Living Scam

Residence model because it’s really intimate you know you get to really know the residents it’s not too big it not too busy and not too loud they’re not going to be sitting in the hallway in the wheelchair waiting to get serviced know that resident real intimate model is what I love and so I ‘m going as a company and as the founder is homes and years that was secured not just my financial future but children, financial future, and grandchildren financial future because to the knee will always be there but your goals may not be that big your goal may be to get.

Off your job and replace your income you senior living may be working hard a long time you may be making thousand dollars a year but the work that you have to put in but that kind of income will eventually wear on your body or you just may get tired doing it I want to show you how to replace that with a business-opportunity that will last forever it won’t shut down unless you shut it down so forget about making a million what about just making an extra $, among $, a month$, a month again this is no height.

This is no get-rich-quick this is no scam and you got another no no no this is a legitimate real licensed professional business opportunity that you may just become aware of but it’s been here a long time and I’m going to be the guy to help you get where you need to go to build your business if, in fact, you’ll allow me to service you if you allow me to serve youI’ll be it’ll be my privilege to help you now let me tell you what my goal is when assisting that the University Lu is that I want to be directly responsible , people throughout the UnitedStates opening up their facilities I figure.

Rules Not To Follow About Volunteering In Thailand

Attacks controls this really nearly every night because again we woke up super early as activity how many I don’t know I we have to be up and ready to go to the mall and pier house by six-thirty you start work have you a lot of words I’m not getting a lot of blogs feminist and I can get some footage of the animals and the work we do and would offer you many more without the trip when I get back there with me it’sup to your questions, not the best and just enjoy this and get a new experience now this dog is cute her name is mama but he always in my name is Victoria because every kind of sat down her system.

She would always right volunteering in Thailand there and leaning up against me and sleeping also save an elephant right next to the dining area as well but you can and then it is done now throughout the day each all here for the two separate to work in affection of the wildlife for the elephant department while every hour we preferred am km there is always something to do but of course somewhere between to get your little breaks are guided with me something there is a lot of work to be done but you do getting aerobics so don’t worry a lot or you can do this[Music]duty usually works to slow the water can prepare and serve the food for the animal baskets and then clean the enclosures and other special projects that mean that the road is hiring for sometimes all these is a goal walking in with an outside in the Sun hydrogen hope your local time is a short nap and you have a schedule where against just chill this game is quick it is admittedly a bit again more water more feet out[Music][Music][Music]Oh[Music][Music]right here the area paint had smashed one of the scoopers so one of our volunteers try to trade them out for food to have him drop it and then more-elephant views.

Volunteers actually see you get a chance to assess the day off or we can also take a night out to go into town after pho base ship penis I would like to watch the view to see the bat cave and tell us and also we hit the night market for some delicious Thai street food there’s a great way to just kind of kick back and mingle again lets the other volunteers after the long shift now if you could see the squiggly lines yes those are bats coming out of the cave now at this night market the speed was cheap and it was good and then I just really fell in love you drinking coconut juice like everywhere fresh coconut juice as you can see me drinking here and probably drank like two more after that because it once every half and I can let me go and hear some baby I’m.

Ideas To Organize Your Own Luxury Hair Products

Have a hair hole for you which say that three times fast right hair ball oh um couple weeks ago I did get my hair done and the girl that does my hair she’s phenomenal I actually had to switch salons a couple times um just usually when you move and you need to figure out you know the right person I found her she’s like I said phenomenal she’s amazing she knew exactly what I wanted without even me having to tell her and the good thing is she uses um products that I’m used you know like she has been this long to get war band.

metastases and um it’s a good hair products Lon so um while i was there after i got my hair done i decided to pick up a couple things um that she had used on me that I didn’t have but that I really liked so I’m just gonna jump right in and I also have some for bass stuff that I picked up at blue mercury a couple of luxury hair products new things that came out that I wanted let’s get started the first thing we talked about is intrastate elixir um ultimate complexes is a conditioner which looks like this and let me just tell you these smell of this one is like nothing Could ever describe it is so sexy and rich and just smells like just just likes sexy man almost.

But it’s very feminine obviously but it just it’s just got this like delicious scent that you just you love like it reminds you of like you know a whole night by the fire and just I don’t know it’s like that’s not what it’s more like word to me it’s just like it’s just a rich sexy sent um and let’s not forget that the product is absolutely amazing it is basically like an oil tech conditioner where I’m not gonna like squeeze it out so don’t want you like but here like in the cap you could kind of see um oh god it smells amazing and you can kind.

of see there it’s not like a thick cream when it comes out it’s very liquid almost but because it’s an oil-based conditioner mohair loves this stuff I’ve actually I’ve had a freak obliques and it’s like almost like down to here because I have long hair and I just love to just slasher my hair in it um I am I love to mix like different conditioners when I’m in the shower because sometimes like you know you don’t mean having us you know conditioning up here but down here you really want it so I will mix I can do same thing.

That Basically Sum Up Your School Supplies Bundle Experience

Hey everyone its Jillian and in today’s video I’m going to be showing you how you can make your very own DIY emergency kit for school so an emergency kit is basically just a little bag where toucan put all your supplies that you might need some point while you’re at school I’ll show you how you can make a really easy and no so a bag to hold your supplies because some things you just don’t want rolling around the bottom in the bag for everyone to see and then I’m going to be showing you some essentials that.

I think you school supplies bundle should have in your emergency kit now you spend a lot of time at school and during that time you’re probably going to find yours elfin a bit of a sticky situation at one point or another so then I told hammer there was no way that I would ever upset anything like that and he believes the pouch paper cut hi hi excuse me do you have a band-aid no I don’t carry bad days I have a band-aid help help lucky I always carry band-aid sin my emergency kit oh it’s dripping on the floor move I think we’re gonna need a bigger.

Band-aid she all right so then hopefully if you have this emergency kit you will find yourself getting out of that sticky situation a lot quicker now get into the fun part of the video and I’m going to show you how you can make a super cute super easy DIY emergency kit the first thing you will need is some cute fabric and I went for polka dots then just cutout a rectangle then you need to fold in the two sides of the rectangle about one centimeter and iron these down then takes school supplies zipper and place it in the middle of the underside.

of the fabric and then taking some fabric glue because I cannot-sew at all so fabric glue is my best friend apply a thin strip to each side of the zipper there to take the sides of the fabric and fold them into the middle so that they meet the fabric glue the nonce this is dry flip the bag inside out and it’s time to stick the edges together so just apply a thin strip of the fabric glue between.


Fantastic Experience Of This Year’s Denver Skin Care

So after a patient has received dot laser treatment the skin is going Mohave some special needs it’s going to beery sensitive and so you can’t just grab any product that you may have unhand to you so we have assembled a kit that will take care of all of the needs that our patients have following the dot laser treatment and I’m going to go over these so the first product that you’re going to use is the sensitive skin cleanser even if you don’t normally have sensitive skin your skin will be sensitive.

After the dot procedure you’re going to use this to cleanse the skin and this is very important because you’re probably going to be cleansing more often than you normally would and the reason why is because the other part of your introductory care especially in the first hours is you’re going touche this ointment the the advanced healing ointment is a product that weave developed specifically.

For our dot patients Denver Skin Care and this ointment has a very heavy almost greasy like texture each time you reapply the ointment you will want to remove it with the sensitive skin cleanser and cool skin care denver water what this ointment does is it protects the skin asst really Eliza’s essentially that’s the process where it stacks up enough skin cells to protect itself but during that process it’s very vulnerable so it is very important that you stick to the products in this regimen now as the skin is ready to go out and face.

The world little bit more we have a couple of other products that we introduced into the mix we have the Sarah the Transcendence treatment cream which is product that you can buy normally and use it’s perfect for very very dry skin types you will segue from the ointment to the ceramic cream when you check in with us will tell you if you’re ready to make that switch we also have an SPF very.

very important when you’re protecting your variable normal skin against the Sun so if you’re out and about you absolutely must use sunscreen so this regimen although it’s rather simple is the perfect way to baby your skin after you’ve had a laser treatment and take care of it and rejuvenate it as it starts to heal and become.



Why Is Everyone Talking About Roofing Company?

To this video on how to start a roofing business well first of all I want to congratulate you because a roofing lincoln ne business is a great place to make money in the service industry and let’s facet America today is a service industry and you know there’s a lot of guys it’s kind of the UN– kept secret so let’s keep it a secret on guys roofing it’s hard work yes it is it does require a certain amount of knowledge and skill and of course being afraid of heights if you’re afraid of heights you don’t want to be doing.

Roofing now some of the key points and things you have to worry about when you get started as roofing contractor one of the biggest things is licensing you’re gonna have to find out what the state’s the state you live in you know what it requires as license you know some states don’t require a license Maine where I live it doesn’t require a license and a lot of other roofing company states don’t but most states haves requirement that requires either you pay an annual fee for a license pay every two years or you have to have certain.

Amount of experience and pay fee just like any type of licensing you know you’ve got to be backed up with insurance now the second piece of this is the insurance the first is the licensing and the second one is going Tobe insurance this will probably be one of your largest expenses you’re ever going to make other than a truck insurance I know workers comp and liability this cub is the homeowner it covers any liability that you create whether equipment in and off the job site and also the workers comp this covers.

The workers in case something goes wrong and you know roofing is one of the worst three jobs in sometimes second sometimes is third but you know when people fall off the roof it’s catastrophic and they’re going to get hurt so these two things are are going to be key to get started you know you’re going to have to call your state and find out what the requirement is I thin kit’s like six eighty percent you.

Things To Know About Art And Business

Right beside vomit I’m actually kind of happy that I’m doing pretty well in this match right now after that tag team match good god that’s acting matches something else punch punch I hope they still have the burning hammer in this game oh nice a bridge pin Wow Joe we just buried Mohammad Saharan Didn’t even mean to do it like that yeah that’s my B dude I hate it.

I hate me to bury you like that good god I was willing to give you okay I really like I did not think that that would actually get the pin on him so Didn’t even think to break it up Jesus well I mean if that goes to show anything he’ll probably be the world champion next week that’ll work in that work that actually works out very good for gimlet’s see edit our profile a little bit we’ll keep our experience points.

where they’re at right now Truth About Art And Business increases can beget a level three and we go to three um get that up at level two can we get this up uh just get it up strength level two and we can get this up at level two nice we can there we go super chat from Alfred Mohammad Anthea bung-bong Maharaja well my man ain’t nothing anymore I mean unless he wants to I mean if he feels like he can comeback out here in a little bit and go this is for America damn it that’s the way to go if someone ever asks you what why are you doing this it’s for America damn it and they ask you why you’re doing it cuss this is America damn its you people will know I am a time world champion I am the be-all-end-all in this business every superstar back there looks in the mirror.

Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Arts

Over face and Randy Orton in the first match of this tournament really okay I want you to know that it’s nothing personal it’s just business I’ve come to respect you and that’s why you’ve got you’re going to get nothing for the best from the legend killer Randy I’ve got to say I’d be disappointed if I got anything less than you my grudge against you disappeared the day evolution.

Broke up okay he’d nod no no it didn’t I’ve got some things I’m looking forward to outmatch tonight and may the best man wino did you hear the sound effect synthesizing hands sound effect so we’re facing Randy Orton in the first round of this tournament this man’s good I have a feeling he’s gonna try to stay take Stacy Perfectible y’all like this you know me and Stacey we’ve been through it all baby Romany good memories uh oh wait a minute that song though the following contest is scheduled.

For introducing first from st. Louis waiting in Hildebrand to take the song in real quick Always love hearing it my guy is cheating on Oscar ho this is a different unit we’re on a different earth right now this is James Falcon in a different Oriole the day of reckoning earth okay this is different I ain’t you know nobody I had taken that entrance because that was pretty clean now like.

I told you the sound try ain’t very good but they got the ATV they got the ATV look at this beast this thing is clean tooth’s whole quit look oh yeah look where we go we go back up the ramp we still got the Stratus on the on antithetic thing things to change but things.